Monday, January 9, 2006

January 9th Deletion day (observed)

I began deleting a year's worth of e-mail and wanted to hold on to a couple of things for future use.

"Those who would sacrifice their freedom for safety will find they inherit neither."
-Ben Franklin

"Many people assume that naming trends are driven by celebrities. But how many Madonnas do you know?"
-Christian Leaf

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Violence and Bloodshed


Over New Years there was a horrible murder in Richmond of a family of 4 plus 2 other people being shot. About a month ago this list was passed on to me by my wife no wonder Richmond made the list.

Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities 2005
Data compiled by Morgan Quitno

1 Camden, NJ
2 Detroit, MI
3 St. Louis, MO
4 Flint, MI
5 Richmond, VA
6 Baltimore, MD
7 Atlanta, GA
8 New Orleans, LA
9 Gary, IN
10 Birmingham, AL
11 Richmond, CA
12 Cleveland, OH
13 Washington, DC
14 West Palm Beach, FL
15 Compton, CA
16 Memphis, TN
17 Dayton, OH
18 San Bernardino, CA
19 Springfield, MA
20 Cincinnati, OH
21 Oakland, CA
22 Dallas, TX
23 Newark, NJ
24 Hartford, CT
25 Little Rock, AR


Little background here... between Petersburg and Richmond the stretch of I-95 is ripe with Billboards (ripe meaning they stink.) One of my favorites last year was for Lite 98 FM featuring their morning guy wearing this festive scarf (this area of VA rarely gets more than a dusting and hardly ever stays below freezing for more than a day at a time)already he is looking like a dog driving a car, but add a goofy smile and he was the subject of relentless taunting for 6 weeks. Next Chesterfield County (the bridge between City of Petersburg and Richmond was voted last year as being the 17th best place to live in America. Someone's brain child was to advertise this so I got in another 6 weeks of taunting at their boasting being #17. With that said here is my response to my wife's message.

Can't wait to see these billboards....

Thank you for making Richmond #5 !

Take that Compton... Richmond new home of the O.G. !

Richmond... more dangerous than Petersburg.

Richmond... Thank your God you don't live in Camden.

Hey I'm Bill Bevins and I want to welcome you to Richmond the only North American city with class 4 rapids, more violence then Compton, and me in the morning! I had to stop wearing the scarf because I was fearing someone may try to strangle me with it.


Completely unrelated, I was trying to find information about smashed pennies to help me with a work related project and came across this error I just had to add it Error Message Come to think of it this Act is related because while you are fearing for you life visiting Richmond you can also stop by the Poe Museum.