Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paypal says: Save (*cough*us money) the environment.

Wow it took a whole sheet of paper to give me this message.

Change needs to come from the inside.
Maybe printing this message on the envelope?
Forcing printers to print duel side?

Close up of message

Now on my soapbox:
Give me a reason to switch, how about paperless people get a reduced interest rate? I am all for saving the environment, but if I want a hard copy of a statement the burden is placed on me. My ink, my paper, my time. I am now doing a job that you are charging me an outrageous interest rate to help cover. Also you need to make my whole history of statements available not just the last 8 or 12. A policy change is also in order about not charging me an outrageous amount to have a replacement statement sent when I do need an older one?

You want us to make a difference in the environment, be a leader and give us the tools and incentives we need to change.