Monday, May 3, 2010

Dances with Blue Man Group

This is my facebook status. Click the picture to make it larger to see what it says.

After a couple of people liked it, I began thinking about those Bud Light radio commercials “Real Men of Genius”. It never dawned on my that the language for them had changed I always hear them in my head as “Real American Heroes” which I think is much better in this case because I don't really know that the merchandiser was a man.

If you are not familiar with the commercials follow the link above and listen to a couple of them to get the feel of this to music. Then read along my tribute to my hero of the week.

Target presents Real American Heroes
(Real American Heroes)
Today we salute you...
DVD aisle merchandiser
(DVD aisle merchandiser)

Some say you're a cog
Some say you're only worth $7.50 an hour
And some say why couldn't you find a better job
(I have a problem with authority)

What you do is a service
You are a maestro of the endcap, and a wiz at categorizing
(SAW is not self-improvement)

Red Shirt - check
Tan pants - check
Having the ability to offer a silent commentary on an overrated crappy movie- check
(Sticking it to the man)

So crack open a new case of movies oh critic of the cinema
Because even though you're last on the departmental flow chart, you'll always be #1 with me
(DVD aisle merchandiser)