Friday, December 30, 2005

Can't sleep dogs will get me

So I just re-read my last blog and am disappointed with myself that
1-1-06 is 2 days away and I am no closer to quitting the real world as I was 3 months ago. Please don't take that as part of an ongoing character flaw that I never follow through with anything. My job is still frustrating as ever, but that is a blog for another time.

So 2005 is coming to an end and what do we have to show for ourselves. It has been over a year now without TV so I can't really reflect on the news of the year or celebrate who passed on. Even though I don't have real TV I stay current on all the great shows by the wonder of the DVD box set. I just recently finished the definitive season 6 of the Simpsons, the jumping the shark season 4 of Will and Grace, Home Movies season 2, and only the pilot episode of the most horrible show ever produced Nip/Tuck it makes baby Jesus cry as my sister an law likes to say, not about the show just in general. It was she who brought that wretched show into the house... not really it was a Christmas gift... from my wife! On my plate for the next month... Season 3 of Home Movies and the out of the blue surprise release of Simpsons season 7 where I can once again discover Who shot Mr Burns?.

It has been a tough year in the household... not the people or animals mind you but all the stuff that goes with managing a budget, owning a historic house and dealing with public utilities who like to announce they are having record profits(mostly because they are allowed to back bill you for 6 months.) How is it my fault that the meter reader was stupid and put down the wrong street address for the meter number they were reading?

Anyway we are still skipping along getting our stuff in order trying to get the lower part of the house returned to the original 1855 house plan. We did get some fortune this year that one of our neighbors has given us 14 of his turn of the century decorative cast iron radiators... only catch here is we need to move them. I should get my wife to tell the story of the ongoing move in her blog she has a better knack at that. My favorite part we bent the 800lbs rated dolly!

As for everything else that has happened in regards to my family
see Prix Madonna's updates.

Also in the last month I have re- discovered my DOS Version of Sid Meier's Civilization(much to my wife's displeasure when I am up at 4am playing.) I got this game back in 1992 and have been able to move it from hard drive to hard drive as I have updated my computers. I know there are excellent new versions out there, but there is nothing like playing the classic just look how Atari is making a comeback.

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