Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love is...

Your equivalent to grade school art on her proverbial refrigerator.

I went to my wife's office today to take a picture of my first "micrograve", on my way out I noticed the jar and smiled to myself. I had completely forgotten about doing it.

The following set of events took place over a number of weeks back in January/February of 2007

1) Where it all Started.
2) Then the discussion began.
3) Our own golf ball for the bathroom.
4) The Golf Ball meets a silver sharpie.
5) Silver Golf Ball ends up in a jar.
6) Cotton added for effect.
7) Jar ends up in her purse as a joke.
(What it wasn't take your meteorite to work day?)
8) "Petersburg 82303" ends up on permanent display in her office.

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