Monday, January 7, 2008

Myths, Superstitions, and Omens... oh my!

Happy New Year all. It has been a wild week around here, but by wild I really mean wildlife. My weird brushes with birds this week.

First however if you are not familiar with the old superstitions about birds let me bring you up to speed. It seems that birds are nothing more than miniature Azraels, perhaps it is the meningitis they carry. So it seems having a bird fly into your house, hitting the window glass, or sitting on the sill tapping (nevermore) are all signs of ill fortune on the household. Funny thing is that many people like myself try to attract birds to ones yard by leaving offerings of food. After looking at this practice through superstitious colored glasses one may think twice about this practice and try to get the little winged grim reapers far from ones property.

So the following are my brushes with birds this week. The fact that there were three just gives into the mumbo jumbo, cause everyone know it always happens in threes. (Like lions, tigers, and bears!)

First, last Monday a titmouse hit the window at work. It didn't die, but it was stunned long enough for me to go get my camera and take a few pictures.

Next, on Wednesday I walked outside only to find a Cedar Waxwing that froze to death next to the oak tree out front. (I hope it wasn't FOWL PLAY!)

Finally, yesterday a Bewick's Wren had made its way into the house. My wife and I were too busy trying to get it out of the closet and out the window for me to think about getting a picture.

So that is my brush with the little harbingers this week. So remember- if anything bad happens to me, blame the birds, because they are the obvious suspect.

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your wife said...

Shhh. The cedar wax wing is sleeping.

Me: Oh, no! Is it hurt?

You: Fatally.