Wednesday, October 8, 2008

W W T W?

When The Watchmen comic was released back in 1986-87 I immediately was hooked. I absolutely went crazy over it. I have the pin, the watch, the t-shirt, the original hardbound leather edition. From 87-90 The Watchmen influenced my creativity in my art. Somewhere out there there is a video produced by the Presbyterian Church in 1989 dealing with faith that I am in. In it I am wearing my Watchman shirt. I went so far as to use a line from The Comedian as my Senior yearbook quote (although, if I remember correctly they messed up the layout).

The Watchmen and myself became one in the summer of 1991 with my first tattoo

August 2008 badly faded

Original Watchmen_____ Presbyterian Church (USA) logo
promo button 1987_______ (so you don't need to ask)
(Still Own)

The Watchmen, after all these years is coming to the big screen. I think in a box of books from college I have a copy of a 1990 version of the screen play. I am not yet sure how I feel about something I hold so dear being remade by Hollywood. You see Hollywood and I have a "Hate/Hate" relationship when it comes to comic movies. My biggest gripe you can't rewrite 25 years of history to make an exciting 2 hours. I guess this is something at least the Watchmen have going for it. It may be easier to stay true to this story since it has a beginning and an end in 12 issues. My next concern is that this movie is so popular Holywood will try to make a prequel.

I am hoping for some really good merchandise rising from this.

Yearbook Picture
The Bridge on Ridge Road
List of Watchmen related pictures I need to find:
Name of that video
Art 87-90
Jean Jacket

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