Thursday, February 12, 2009

We cleanse souls... only 80 cents a pound!

For a little local history, the place where I live has a population of about 33,000 people and covers about 23 square miles. It has been estimated that within the city limits there are approximately 250 churches. Most (maybe 80%) of these churches are not your typical churches, they can only be described as storefront churches or maybe go so far as to say tax-shelter churches. No wonder the republicans like religion so much.

I have been working on this photo project in my spare time which has allowed me to to get around the city and see all it has to offer. This is one gem I recently found.

Take that late night infomercials, only the power of Jesus can get out stubborn stains. Want to know what hell feels like? Just go next door in the middle of summer when all the dryers are going.

I however need to question a "church" that uses the flaming sword as an image of deliverance, since biblically the flaming sword represents humanity's inability to go back to Paradise (Genesis 3:24). What exactly is one being delivered to here the locked front gate? Isn't the reason for going to church in the first place so that one can get back into Paradise (heaven)?

Next up "Pillar of Salt Church of Deliverance" coming soon to an insurance agency near you.

I will now deliver you from further religion.

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