Saturday, December 12, 2009

Foam Fingers only get you to third base.

This Fall Richmond, VA announced a replacement for their Minor League Baseball team that pulled out in 2008, because they wanted a new stadium that the city wouldn't commit to. The replacements announced in late October are called “Flying Squirrels”. Not really the image of a dominate force to be messed with unless they happen to be rabid squirrels.

One of the alternative logos for the team is a giant acorn with a big “R” reminiscent of the letter used by Batman's sidekick. Recently I have enjoyed debating a possible battle cry with anyone who will listen, they mostly end with something about how big their nuts are. Also don't forget the trademarked concession item a cup filled with hot nuts.

I went looking at other Minor League Teams just to see what a Flying Squirrel might have the possibility to dominate. I however, stopped looking when I came across the Winston-Salem “Dash”. From the look of their logo it appears one has found the Alpha Male of all sports logo, and the only thing that beats that is themselves.

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